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This class required serious note taking!

Tasting Mat 2

It is time to review the latest round of whisky releases so welcome to our second tasting mat. On the table today we have a diverse selection of drams. We start with a new release from Speciality Drinks – an Islay blend called ‘Peat’ before we move on to a dark brooding SMWS Ardbeg. Finally we encounter two spirits from Gordon & MacPhail, a 1991 Speyburn and a majestic 1954 Glen Grant. Enjoy. Peat [Speciality Drinks] 59.3%…
Octomore Virgin Oak

Octomore 07.4 Virgin Oak [61.2%]

A quick count up reveals that I’ve now been fortunate enough to try 4 different versions of Octomore Virgin Oak. It is a thrill though to now finally try the official distillery release; a seven year old spirit bottled at an almighty 61.2%. I first tasted Octomore Virgin Oak with Jim in his office. He offered Mike and myself a taste of a spirit, and commented that he could guess what our response would be…
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Whisky Notes

Tasting Mat 1

On the tasting mat this time we have a great blend from Suntory, some crackers from Bartels Whisky (who bottle whisky under their own Highland Laird label and sell the Malts of Scotland brand) and some wonderful new whiskies from The Whisky Exchange. Enjoy!

Nepal. April 25.

This may be my whisky blog, but the events of April 25 are so memorable that I needed an outlet to post my thoughts. So, in an unusual post here’s what happened while I was in Kathmandu in the days following a magnificent trip to Everest Base Camp. Checkout was midday, so just about on time the three of us made our way down to reception to pay and to sort out leaving our bags…
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Special Releases 2015

Diageo Special Releases 2015

The Diageo Special Releases launch is always the best event in the calendar. It presents a fabulous opportunity to try some unique, and frankly, very special whiskies from the Diageo stocks. The class of 2015 is superb. It contains all of the usual suspects and mixes in some of the lesser know distilleries in the portfolio. Read on and enjoy some of the finest whiskies of 2015.

Hogan’s Oak Aged Apple Spirit

It may not be whisky, but it is local and it tastes great so we don’t need any other excuse to post about this spirit! It is created from apples pressed in the Malvern Hills which make Hogan’s cider (delicious by the way!) and following maturation and fermentation the cider is distilled by Adnams in their small batch copper still. The magic doesn’t end there though as the resultant spirit is matured for three years…