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Hogan’s Oak Aged Apple Spirit

It may not be whisky, but it is local and it tastes great so we don't need any other excuse to post about this spirit! It is created... Read More →

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve [40%] Glenlivet

It seems very remiss that we've been writing this blog for just over three years and we've only just got around to reviewing a Glenlivet!... Read More →

Oban Little Bay [43%] [Oban]

I have fond memories of visiting Oban, a pretty coastal town on the west side of Scotland. I've visited the distillery on several occasions... Read More →

Craigellachie 13 [46%] [Craigellachie]

Craigellachie was founded by Peter Mackie and Alexander Edward, and their names feature strongly on the packaging of the new releases... Read More →

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