About Us

Hello and welcome to LivingRoom Whisky!

LivingRoom Whisky is about friends coming together to share a passion for whisky.

We had a vision, an epiphany, if you will, of friends, mates, pals, coming together to share whisky in the comfort of the LivingRoom.

To discover new tastes,
To argue,
To loath,
To love,
Ultimately to forge relationships over a great dram.

We hope to encourage drammers to get together to taste whisky. Not tasting alone with a new dram, but enjoying real conversation in real time and in real relationship.

We’re not experts, but we’re on a journey to discover what’s out there in the big wide world of whisky. As we go, we’ll get together with friends, try new whisky and blog about what we find.

We hope that you’ll come with us!

Jon and Mike