anCnoc [Peter Arkle Edition]

anCnoc [Peter Arkle Edition]

Hooray! Another beautiful dram to try!  Thanks Twitter!

This time it was a pleasure to tweet taste the anCnoc: Peter Arkle Edition in a tasting organised by Lucasz of @alembic_tweets and @EdinburghWhisky. It was great to spend another dram-packed evening with new friends, discussing our thoughts and learning more about the wonderful world of whisky!

This was another first for me, not having tasted any other of the anCnoc releases.  Being slightly ‘arty’ myself, I do like what anCnoc have done with their marketing by having the packaging designed by the fantastic Scottish illustrator Peter Arkle.  The packaging is stunning and I love the styling of this release, but in reality it is the quality of the whisky that will sell, not the marketing strategy!

This whisky has been bottled at 46%, after being fully matured for between 6 and 12 years in Fino Sherry casks.  It is non-chill filtered and with its natural colouring, just how we like it!

And so, on a Thursday evening in late May, we gathered to drink and think.  Here are my thoughts…

I was initially struck by the lovely golden hue, it’s inviting, bright and fresh.  On the nose, I was immediately hit with a sweet hit of pear and crisp apple, and as the I savoured the scents in the glass, vanilla and banoffee pie came through in abundance.  This is a rich dram, complex and with time it developed beautifully; there was a nuttiness, and a sweetness too, like spreading thick syrupy honey over toasted granary bread.  Then there was caramelised sugar and a sweet, rich sherry note too.  I was enjoying this!

The anCnoc PA was oily and sticky on the tongue, immediately fruity with unripe pear and crisp apple.  There was the rich and spice of dark sherried fruit cake.  A tongue tingling peppery hit and then also a chewy meaty undertone. Beautiful balance.

As this dram mellowed into the finish, which was long and gentle, I enjoyed a clinging sweetness of milk chocolate and toffee.

I really enjoyed this dram.  My last comment on the night of the Tweet Taste summed up my thought succinctly, describing the Peter Arkle Edition as “my kind of dram!” Although, the meaty undertones I detected may not be to everyone’s taste, I really enjoyed this whisky and was impressed by my first taste of anCnoc! I will be back.

This brilliant dram is only available from Royal Mile Whisky for around £48.00.

Click here to go to Royal Mile Whiskies!

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