Balcones [Single Malt 2011 – Batch 2]

Balcones [Single Malt 2011 – Batch 2]

A lovely surprise whiskypost from Texan Whisky evangelist Sean Foushee arrived late last year and I’ve finally got around to tasting it!

Sean kindly sent a selection of ‘Liquid Americana’ including the Balcones Single Malt.  This particular malt is the second batch, bottled on 4th November 2011 at 51% ABV and finished in ‘Yard Aged’ American Oak casks.

Founded in 2008, Balcones is an exciting craft distillery in Waco, Texas headed up by chief distiller, Chip Tate.  Renowned for their creativity, Balcones has taken the whisky world by storm in the last few years winning many awards for their stunning Texan Whiskies!

We had a wee snifter of the Balcones Brimstone at the Chester Whisky Festival last year and loved the intense BBQ smokiness so I was excited to taste this offering too!  That review is in the LivingRoom archives – go and read it after this!

The initial hit on the nose for me is warm summer sand and the sweet tarriness of burnt sugar.  It has an earthy woodiness to it too which mingles delightfully with sweet barbecue smoke and spice. My mouth waters as spicy chicken wings sizzling and charring  beautifully on the BBQ come to the fore!  Then the sweetness arrives, creamy fudge and Irish cream liqueur. Heavenly! There is a deep richness of dark chocolate and the subtle smoke of dying embers invite the first taste.

All the rich sweetness and earthy density suggested on the nose are on the palate in bucket loads! Smoked wood chips and burnt sugar coat the tongue.  Its chewy and mouth watering.  The cloying taste of cola cubes  and vanilla fudge gives way to juicy Seville oranges and then spicy chicken wings delight the taste buds.  This is a delicious dram, sweet, spicy, earthy and so moreish!

In the finish there is toasted granary bread smothered in butter and lavished with orange marmalade and a fudgy sweetness that lingers for a while and beckons you to go back for more! Loving it!

A beautiful dram and highly recommended. A must for your summer barbecues!

As the Single Malt is produced in small batches you might be hard pressed to get this exact bottling but The Whisky Exchange have several incarnations of the Single Malt for your perusal and this is the latest version.

Huge thanks to Sean Foushee for your kindness!

You can find Sean Foushee on twitter as @WhiskyMarks and on Instagram as ‘smfoushee’.  He’s also been working on the new Balcones website which is definitely worth a look!

Available from The Whisky Exchange here.

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