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Brukswhisky [Mackmyra]

Brukswhisky from Mackmyra has to have one of the best bottle designs around. I love the time and detail that has gone into it – from the stencilling of the production process, to the handwritten tasting notes on the side, to the dimples at the bottom which represent the fingerprints of the distillery founders. The attention to detail is wonderful. The whisky itself comes from Mackmyra Bruk in Sweden, is without an age statement, bottled at 41.4% and shines through the bottle, providing a great contrast to the black inscriptions.

I visited the Mackmyra stand at Whisky Live last weekend and spend quite a lot of time there enjoying their whole range of whisky. From the Vit Hund (Swedish for White Dog) spirit, to the Special Releases the range is outstanding and Mackmyra have been extremely innovative in way they have crafted their whiskies; casks range from those that used to hold cloudberries to those that held lingonberry and blueberry wine. The Brukswhisky is less unusual being a combination of sherry and Swedish oak casks but the quality of the wood shines through in the final spirit.

Away from whisky I have also being enjoying the Swedish folk band First Aid Project. Their recent(ish) album The Lions Roar is a wonderful melodic offering with Emmylou below being one of the album’s highlights. I’d recommend getting yourself a copy of the album, a bottle of Brukswhisky and just be whisked away to a different place. Enjoy being lost in the music with a beautiful dram at your side – trust me, you will be in a better place.

Bruskwhisky Mackmyra [41.4%]
A gentle summer dram that is skilfully crafted and wonderfully balanced. Magnificant.
Nose: Lovely and light. A very creamy nose with a touch of banana and pineapple. Brought together with a wisp of smoke and the merest touches of damp wood. Alluring
Palate: Very light with lots of vanilla and custard cream biscuits. Summer fruits and alcohol hit first and are followed by a slighter deeper but very subtle line of smoke
Finish: Medium length and very light

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