Caperdonich 17

Caperdonich 17 [The Whisky Barrel]

Caperdonich Burns Malt – a 17 year old single cask Caperdonich from 1995 bottled at 55%.  This malt is an exclusive from the Whisky Barrel and is bottled from a single hogshead cask #95068. It is also the second of the six new exclusive Burns Malt single cask single malt releases from The Whisky Barrel that we have tried (the first being the Bunnahabhain Burns Malt), and it has not failed to disappoint.

As the second Caperdonich 17 year old that we have tried from 1995 we were intrigued to see how this would compare to the bottling by Abbey Whisky, who were kind enough to introduce us to this little known independent distillery.

The whisky is a slightly lighter hue of amber compared to its Abbey counterpart, and yet still exudes the same deep banoffee aromas that add to its unusual and complex nose. One could also detect hints of caramelised toffee apples that carried you away to those dark bonfire nights with friends.  Yet the sweetness of these fruits was neatly balanced by a woodiness, the kind you might encounter in a barn freshly filled with hay from the harvest. The Autumn notes exuding from our glass neatly contrasted with the Spring season in the Bunnahabhain Burns Malt.

The strength of the nose is followed by a more subtle taste. Gone is the banana and it is replaced with the freshness of the morning dew and celery, overlaid with a lovely spiciness that warms you as you come in from the cold harvest with the sharpness of chilli biscuits.

The finish is equally intriguing as you continue on this sensory cold October’s day, amaretto and coconut, biscuits and vanilla are all at once called to mind and yet separate. At the back of the throat is apple crumble as a final reminder of the start of the journey this Caperdonich has taken us on.

As a limited bottling, this is an enjoyable contribution from the Whisky Barrel which is sure to give you something new to enjoy in that glass of yours. Currently available for £54.25 herel.

[Thanks to our good friend Ben for the guest review!]

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