Glenlivet Founder's Reserve

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve [40%]

It seems very remiss that we’ve been writing this blog for just over three years and we’ve only just got around to reviewing a Glenlivet! Well, with this tasting note we’re putting that right and we’re sure that it will be the first of many as it is a malt that we’ve long admired. The object of our affections today is the Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve – a whisky that was announced in October 2014 and released as a tribute to the founder George Smith (I guess the clue is in the name really). Our timing couldn’t be better though as it is just being rolled out globally this month.

The Founder’s Reserve is designed to show off the familiar Glenlivet fruity house style but with extra creaminess and sweetness. This comes form the 1st fill American barrels that have been used as part of the batch. Interestingly too is the very recent news that this whisky is replacing the usual entry point into the Glenlivet brand, the 12 year old. This continues a recent trend in the industry by some distilleries to move away from age statements and instead release non-age statement whisky (NAS) instead. That debate has received a lot of column inches, but we’re not going to add to it here. What we’re interested in isn’t the age of the whisky, but the taste of the whisky. So how does it taste?

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve [40%]
A very good addition to the Glenlivet portfolio. This is a whisky to while away the warm spring afternoons while waiting for the onset of summer. Well priced and well crafted!
Nose: Cinnamon fruit toasties, champagne fizz, freshly baked soda bread. There is some newly sanded wood and a lot of brown sugar sweetness mixed in with foam banana sweets.
Palate: Light and delicate to begin before the sweetness hits in the form of strawberries and cream. This fades away to leave a more savoury bread note and it reminds me of a good thick granary sandwich that you might enjoy on a mountain walk. It’s fresh and well balanced and I like it.
Finish: Spicy apple crumble enlivened with vanilla.


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