i1.1 – SMWS Unfiltered Magazine hits the iPad

i1.1 – SMWS Unfiltered Magazine hits the iPad

I’m proud to be a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society [SMWS].  I love the fact that I have access to some great single cask, cask strength whiskies that no-one else can buy – I’ve had some fabulous whisky including a Bladnoch 20, Port Charlotte 7, Glen Moray 20 – and all at reasonable prices.  I love the fact that I can go down to London and sit in a private members lounge and drink the whisky in a beautiful bar.  And now I love the fact that I can read their brilliant magazine on my iPad as they continue to embrace technology.

Last Friday the Unfilitered iPad app was released, and being a bit of an Apple geek (as well as a whisky one) I was keen to try it.  £3.99 will buy you one issue, or you can subscribe for 6 months for £7.49.  Now most other magazines I have downloaded so far are electronic versions of the paper magazine. This means that it doesn’t matter which version you buy; there is effectively nothing extra for having bought the digital version, except maybe some hyperlinks to take you to other content.  Happily the SMWS have worked hard to completely rework the magazine and to make it truly interactive – changing the orientation of the iPad will give you different images, content has been redesigned to allow clicking on images, videos are embedded as are slideshows and there are links out to the global network of SMWS websites.

The app also lives up to the high quality of the magazine – it is informative, relevant and has the quality you would expect form the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  It also has the advantage of now being available to non-members so that they can see what they are missing out on!  My only criticism is that it was a bit short  in my view – I would have liked more ‘pages’ – but then I like reading and learning more about whisky!  Don’t let that detract though from a great first issue; I’d happily recommend it to anyone and it will definitely supplement my paper copy of Unfiltered – I will be downloading issue 2 when it is released!

You can download the app from iTunes here.

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