Isle of Arran 16 [Master of Malt]

Isle of Arran 16 [Master of Malt]

A dram of the Arran 16 from Master of Malt was a welcome reward after a hard day of DIY – wallpapering my daughter’s bedroom!

Trying a new whisky before purchasing has been made affordable by online retailers such as Master of Malt through their ‘Drinks by the Dram’ range.  Jon recently tried a stonking Tormore, which you can read about here!

Well the Arran stands at 55.4% ABV and is a light sunshine colour, reminiscent of golden hay swaying gently on a summer’s day.  It has spent 16 years maturing in a refill sherry hogshead; being distilled on the 13th June 1996 and bottled on the 21st November 2012.

The geek in me loves the fact that they tell us the all important dates, we can find out about the world events that are capsuled in the life of this whisky.  We can read about the movers and shakers that took their turn to influence mankind while this liquid bounty matured from new make spirit into a delightful dram.  The myriad of lives and tales that intertwine as patiently, quietly it lies asleep waiting for the master distillers to decide upon its liquid destiny…

Well, after a quick search on that Google, I found that on this day in history, the 13th June, not a lot happened. Although it did snow in Wyoming in the 1880s and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) was born, although I preferred him in Home Improvement… Nothing at all happened on this day in 1996, that’s why I put the snow in Wyoming thing in, add some interest, seemingly I’m clutching at straws.

Master of Malt aren’t though! This is another great dram!

The initial scent on the nose for me is seaside brininess. I can imagine myself on the beach wistfully looking out to sea, some time to think.  Then there’s some baked apples and raisins, perhaps in strudel form.  As it opens up I get Candy Sticks (now that’s 1996!), and some toffee sweetness, then a pleasant damp vegetal smell – like fresh lawnmowings and cut grass.  It has a freshness and a  lightness but  it’s not without bite too.

On the first sip, there’s a delicious hit of spice and nutmeg.  Smoked ham dances merrily with tangy plum jam on the tongue.  The finish reminds me of a really well made sausage and mushroom sandwich, on cut white bread, with brown sauce… so moreish, its a pity I’ve only got the 3cl version of this bottling!

This Arran is a limited bottling of 218 and will set you back around £54 for 70cl, although in Drinks by the Dram it’s less than a fiver for a walk on the beach, baked apple strudel and a fine sausage sandwich for afters. This is a another slice of fried gold from Master of Malt!

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