Highland Park Loki

Loki [Highland Park]

Highland Park Loki is the second release in the Valhalla collection. It follows on from last years successful release of Thor. According to legend Loki is a particularly devious and mischievous Norse god with the ability to change into any shape he wants! Famous for getting into serious trouble, he was remarkably successful in ‘righting’ the situation, particularly after being threatened by the other gods. We should have a very interesting whisky to taste then. The whisky itself is a limited edition 15 year old that is bottled at 48.7% and is housed is a wooden segment of a Viking long boat.

The nose is fascinating. It is a beguiling combination of sweet peat and liquorice before opening to reveal touches of red apple skin clothed in smoke. I really could spend hours with this whisky unravelling all of the components. It draws you in with its intense flavours and once there you will be hooked. On the palate I was initially struck by the heat of the spirit – it is mouth tingling. The sweet peat from the nose then came through with some dry smoke and touches of burnt sugar. Further waves of peat and smoke followed along with blasts of chilli and pepper. The finish was very savoury (perhaps a little too so) but the overriding sensation was one of warm dry smoke sticking all around the mouth. Divine.

There has been a lot of discussion about this whisky on various forums and blogs; especially as it is a 15 year old that retails for £130. At that price it won’t suit everyone, but I don’t believe it is designed to appeal to everyone. This whisky has its place in the market – it is a limited release, it is very interesting and it will appeal to fans of Highland Park as well as those who like the quirkiness or crave the completeness of the full collection of Vahalla releases. By purely assessing the spirit, Highland Park have released a cracker – magnificent flavour, great depth and a good touch of peat and smoke. This whisky is superb.

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