Spice Tree [Compass Box]

Spice Tree [Compass Box]

As we’re going to Compass Box HQ on Saturday we thought it only appropriate to start with a classic bottling. The original caused a load of controversy with the SWA so Compass Box redesigned and refined it and it’s the current bottling that’s up for tasting this evening.

As for colour, I’m seeing olive oil. [Jon] I see it more as white wine vinegar! [Mike] It is golden though, and I love how it picks up the light. It encourages you to drink it! [M]

The nose has got bags of vanilla and oak as you’d expect. [J] If I’m honest, I’m suffering from the tail end of a heavy cold and not picking much up from the nose tonight! Fail. [M] Lots of cloves are coming through – like preparing the base of a good Indian Curry. It’s just enticing your tastebuds to dip in and make that first step. [J] Blockage sorted, definitely getting the curry spice, also a sweetness that balances it beautifully. Can we drink now?! [M]

Great first taste; it doesn’t disappoint, sweet, jasmine, spicy, vanilla again. [J] Oh, I do like this! Luxury on the tongue, quite velvety. Sweetness again comes through, but with a spicy kick. It lingers… [M]

For me it’s quite a short finish, and contrasts from being ever so slightly bitter (like a good dark chocolate) to being quite honeyed. [J]

I find Spice Tree warming, perfect for a late winter evening. I think it lends itself to being a great way to start a LivingRoom night, maybe moving on to something more complex as things progress! [M] Great whisky to start with, sweet, full of vanilla and spice, and it really helps to build the anticipation for Saturday. [J]

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