Springbank Burns Malt 14 Year Old

Springbank 14 [The Whisky Barrel]

The Whisky Barrel have just released another great looking set of whiskies under their own ‘Burns’ label. We’re excited to have been sent the range to review as their is some fabulous looking spirits in the selection. In this post we take a look at one which caught my eye in particular – The Springbank 14 Year Old Burns Malt. This whisky is taken from barrel #448 (first fill bourbon) and is bottled at cask strength which is 54.3%. It hails from 1998.

On the nose I detected big notes of Madagascan vanilla combined with an almost almond shortbread note. The nose seemed quite spirity for its 14 years of age and despite the cask selection I found some fruity notes of red berries and damsons, as well as some chocolate and fudge. The overriding theme was the vanilla shortbread though and this was very enjoyable.

The palate continued in the same vein; it was initially quite sweet and mouth coating with the alcohol fighting its way through and leaving a very distinctive taste of strawberry sauce in the month. The finish was long and sweet with traces of rhubarb and custard sweets (the yellow and pink ones).

This dram reminds me of afternoon tea in Cornwall. The shortbread and strawberry sauce are the dominant flavours in this whisky and they balance it out beautifully. If you are looking for a Springbank that is a bit different and has some exclusivity about it then you will enjoy this whisky. It is only available from The Whisky Barrel and is great value for its price of £61.30.

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