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Feis Ile 2015 Day Two

The second day of Islay is all about Bruichladdich. This year was Jim’s final tasting and what a selection of whiskies we sampled. When you start the morning with a 30 year old single cask you know you’re in for a cracking session. Many thanks to Bruichladdich and Jim et al for the event, it was simply wonderful. Here are some brief notes on a fabulous morning of superb whisky.


Bruichladdich Bourbon 1984 [51.5%]
This was a great start to the tasting, the vanilla notes were just beautiful. A dram to enjoy for hours
Nose: Creamy, vanilla and beautiful orrange notes. Lots of raspberries, Creme brûlée and cloves
Palate: Sweet with spices and custard. Lots of heat, ginger and salt. Finally the typical citrus notes come through strongly
Finish: Cocoa and chocolate

Bruichladdich La Fleur 1992 [52.6%]
A beautiful whisky. Just beautiful. Elegant and soft. If only Bruichladdich would release this
Nose: Very floral, with lots of roses featuring strongly. Fruity with masses of strawberry, peaches and apricot
Palate: Red fruit with icing sugar and spices. Very silky with muscavado sugar
Finish: Huge, sweet, elegant and lots of chili heat

Jim entertaining the masses

Port Charlotte Y’Quem 2002 [60.8%]
Dirty and full on peat. At the end of the week this was in my top three drams of the Feis – I loved the intensity and rawness of this
Nose: Intense peat, salty, fruity, very stormy with lots of wet leaves
Palate: Smoke with malting floors, peat and fruitcake. Islay in a glass
Finish: Spicy and hot. Simply superb

Port Charlotte Callejo 2004 [61.3%]
Younger than the previous dram, but possibly even better on the palate. Cracking
Nose: Foamed banana, subdued smoke, a touch of juniper with charred meat and seafood
Palate: Smoke wisps, rich smokey and peaty. If you pardon the overuse, it was just stunning. Phenomenal
Finish: Hot. Like Talisker 57 on heat

Enjoying the tasting

Octomore Virgin Oak 2008 [64.4%]
Superb. Very different, but the virgin oak suits the Octomore spirit wonderfully.
Nose: Sweet, smoky, cinnamon and aniseed
Palate: Wow! Intense with lots of menthol
Finish: Huge

We finished the class with the traditional highland toast and a dram of Bruichladdich Rum [1998], before we were piped down the hill and into the distillery for an afternoon of friendship, whisky and fun. Bruichladdich know how to put on a show and even a few spots of rain didn’t dampen the atmosphere. A first class day as always.

Lagavulin Distillery

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