The Whisky Doodle


What I think when I am drinking whisky.



You have all felt it.  The urge. The draw. The thought. The Temptation, “Well, I’ve checked my email… and faceache… and twitter… may as well have a look… see what’s new… see if they’ve got any left… check out The Abbey’s Master of Whisky Welly website…just to have a look mind”



We were very grateful to receive a sample of The Glenmorangie Tùsail.

Here’s what I thought…

My take on the Glenmorangie Tusail

My take on the Glenmorangie Tusail


Welcome to the random realm of Whisky Doodle!  These doodlings come from the over-tired and often flummoxed mind of Mike (who resides in the LivingRoom).   They are a collection of thoughts and musings born out of inspiration from the world of whisky. They are shared. They may be ignored. That is all.

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