The Origins of Living Room Whisky

The LivingRoomWhisky blog was born out of a charity whisky night hosted by Jon and Mike in June 2011.

Jon, a long time whisky enthusiast, offered to help me, a teacher and some other teaching friends get to Malawi. We were going out as part of a team of teachers to support teachers in Nkhotakota and Chilema, Malawi, through the Birmingham Diocese’s Skills Share programme.

We put a collection of whisky together, mainly from Jon’s whisky cabinet but also including some gifts from the incredibly kind chaps at Compass Box. We asked everyone who came to make a donation and we had a fantastic night of whisky tasting. We made some money and had a cracking evening!

Garden Whisky

Glen Moray, Laphroaig, and Lagavulin

That night was the first time I’d experienced some classics of the whisky world; Lagavulin 16yo, Macallan 10yo and the Laphroaig 10yo. We also tasted something from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society called ‘Tropical Rainforest’ which was a rather good Glen Moray 20yo, the astonishing Hedonism and Spice Tree from CompassBox and the exceedingly rare ‘Jon’s Christmas Whisky’ (a concoction of Teachers whisky stuffed with blackberries before draining and bottling).

The other bottlings

Christmas Whisky, Macallan 10, Spice Tree and Hedonism

It gets a little hazy after that but towards the end of the evening, some awful photos were taken, more whisky drank and… LivingRoomWhisky was born.

As we explore the world of whisky through this blog, we hope to continue to hold charity events to share our passion for whisky and our passion to support the people of Malawi.

There is actually a rather beautiful common bond between Malawi, Scotland and where we are based, Birmingham. The Scottish missionary explorer Dr David Livingstone was the first European to reach the country, and since then, for the past 150 years, Scots has been working with the people of Malawi to develop their education and health systems. The Birmingham Diocese has partnered with Malawi since the 1960s and continues to encourage the improvement of Health and education there.


Mike teaching in Malawi

So, Scotland…whisky….Malawi….whisky….Birmingham…It all makes sense to us!

If you want to know more about charities working in Malawi check out these sites.

Ready for the tasting

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