Compass Box in Photos

We could have chosen a load of photographs from our day with Compass Box Gregg, but in the interest of web page loading we wanted to give you a snapshot of just how good our charity blending day was… so enjoy the Roleur style reportage of the event.  [Full notes on the whiskies tried will be posted shortly!]


Whisky Sniffing

Getting stuck into the core range



Asyla - creamy, bags of vanilla, gentle - buy one!


Great King Street

We had this in a cocktail - 50ml GKS, 50ml soda, ice and lemon zest


Hero Wall

The Hero Wall


Mike Blending

The Blender at Work - Methodical Mike



Waxing in Progress



Dipping our Bottles


The finished product

Nick - looking pretty pleased with his bottle, and Gregg


Hedonism 10th Anniversary

Special mention to this. Unbelievable nose and magical taste. Notes to follow!


The Team

Above all, share and enjoy

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