Glenlivet Guardian Chapter

Glenlivet Guardian Chapter

The Glenlivet Guardian Chapter is an opportunity for the Guardians of the Glenlivet to vote for the next limited edition spirit that the famed distillery will release. Three different expressions are up for consideration; each is bottled at 48.7% allowing the influence of the different casking to shine through. We've been fortunate enough to have been sent some samples of each and our notes are below. Do let us know which your favourite is as your decision could help decide the next limited edition. Voting closes on 4 December, and the results are close so far: 39% favour the Exotic, 33% the Classic, and 26% the Revival.

Glenlivet Classic 48.7%

A gorgeous whisky that has been matured in butts, hogsheads and barrels. There is a very subtle sherried streak running through the spirit.
Nose: Very fruity and creamy, lots of toffee and vanilla. Sweet and almost pear tatin like
Palate: Good amount of spice on the front of the tongue. The sweet vanilla and toffee carries on from the nose and coats the mouth beautifully. Finally there is a touch of menthol
Finish: Long and sweet with the vanilla remaining long into the night

Glenlivet Exotic 48.7%
A Christmassy expression. This edition draws heavily on sherry butts and it would be a great whisky as we move into December.
Nose: Very dark and rich, a good dose of deep cocoa. Some red fruits mixed with a touch of fire embers. Rich Christmas cake
Palate: Surprisingly mellow on first taste, before rich sticky fruit comes through. Dark treacle and chocolate combined with orange oils
Finish: Long and dark. Traces of cocoa linger

Glenlivet Revival 48.7%
A subtle expression with lots of bourbon influence. A Glenlivet to relax with on a summers evening. Mellow and sweet this is a lovely expression.
Nose: Very fruity with touches of vanilla and fudge. Nutty
Palate: Creamy and soft before the alcohol punches through with a sharpness that is sweetened by a dusting of icing sugar
Finish: Medium in length and quite drying


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